Generate your Ad-Campaigns in minutes!

Simply provide a URL to a webpage and use AI to generate fully working ad campaigns for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Quora.

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Simply provide a URL - we create your marketing campaigns!

Maximize your website's potential by transforming it into the central hub for both your customer interactions and campaign initiatives.

Focus on what matters!

Choosing proper keywords and content for all your different ads and platforms is a time consuming process. Instead, focus on your website and derive campaigns from it.

Better marketing campaigns

Our toolings provide state-of-the-art knowledge leveraging all best practices available.


Optimized and creative content generation

Choose among different suggestions of generated ads and select the one you think fits best.

Exact copywriting

Hit the creation of fitting keywords, urls, descriptions and other text formats on the head while respecting platform dependant character limits. Use this as an input for your own creativity.

Go wild

We provide multiple suggestions for your marketing campagins covering different angles to increase success likeliness for your advertising campaigns.


Cross-platform launch of campaigns

Just leverage your website's URL to create campaigns for multiple platforms using artificial intelligence.

Aumatic translation of campagins

Stop wasting time in translating campagins from one platform to the other and dealing with different restrictions. Focus on creative copywriting and optimising ads with AI based automation!

Best-practices per platform

Its hard to keep track of all changes on all the different marketing platforms and which optimizations should be done per platform. Leave this to AI.

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